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Tip: Having a dance education is important for any serious dancer. You should make a point to learn all the classic swing routines and jazz dances. -
The OC Swing Team
Goal: To turn intermediate students into advanced dancers..
The OC Swing Team is a not for profit project to give performance opportunites to motivated, inspired, and promising dancers. We rehearse Thursday Nights and Monday Nights and work on group routines as well as solo dancing. All members are also active social dancers.

You can hire the OC Swing Team to dance at your corporate events. We are a perfect choice for Swing Themes, USO Themes, 50's Themes, Roaring 20's Themes, and any event with a swing or big band. We can provide routines, "crowd pumping", taxi dancing, and lessons by professional instructors. We also like to volunteer to perform at public events in Orange County where our dancing will help promote interest in lessons with the OC Swing Dance Club. Contact Shesha at 1-866-OCSWING.

Auditions: Anybody can audition anytime. You must learn and perform The California Routine and Stops in front of the team. You can learn these routines in group or private classes, from a friend, or from current team members.

As an OC Swing Team member you will be expected to work towards being the best dancer possible. You will find that the team will work very well towards that goal. Over the next year you should also make a point to learn all the basic lindy group dances such as The Shim Sham, Dean Collins, Shim Sham, the Big Apple and more. You will already know The California Routine and Stops ;-). Knowing all these common lindy routines will earn you respect with lindy hoppers world wide and also allow us to put on great improvised shows.


Shesha Marvin
Nikki Marvin
Mikey Pedroza
Jeremy Otth
Laura Keat
Emily Hoffberg

James Bianco
Ramai Marvin
Emma Goodrich
Allana Engstrom
Warren Erath
David Simpao
Amy Kreutner
James Guo
Jasmine Cheung
Michele Wetzel

Click here to Download the Audition Routines, The California Routine and Stops (PDF)

Click Here to D/L the Audition Song "Life goes to a Party" (Right Click and Save 3.2mb)